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2008-07-23 16:12:28 by supery9


New Idea!

2008-07-22 13:02:50 by supery9

Ok, I have a new flash idea, its about those poptart commercials but im gunna make the whole life of one poptart, whom was born in a factory, shipped off to a Supermarket bought buy some little kid, then the kid trys to eat him and he fights back and the rest of his life is him on the run from children wishing to eat his delicious flovorism


2008-07-15 00:43:41 by supery9

life sucks


2008-07-09 01:49:08 by supery9

my computer just got smurf-attacked (look it up) now it sucks ugh this'll be hard to fix

Holy shit!

2008-07-08 01:20:21 by supery9

I just one 1,000 dollars!!!! I signed up for "A chance to win 1,000$" at this local band thing, and I just found out I won!!! woohoo


2008-07-06 13:56:58 by supery9

Wow I am under a heavy load, I'm in the Ng Level Collab, The Pixel/Grid Collab, The Sprite Fight tourney collab, andddd my own movie

Ok, well zerobeam made a cool collab you should join it its pimpin! im doing the menu :3

My new banner

2008-06-25 23:05:14 by supery9

So, who likes my new forum banner??

My new banner

2008-06-08 03:02:47 by supery9

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2008-04-27 12:01:12 by supery9

I have just finished downloading BRYCE 5.5!!!
So....? Any ideas tips comments
is there a way i can upload it on to here?