This is...

2008-08-11 03:02:57 by supery9

...My 37th news post..I think

Well, i have finnaly gotten a video onto NG without being blammed! a glorious day for JunkYardFlash Productions! Btw the movie wasnt even finished and it got a 1.73/5.00 score. I am even amazed at how high it got for an unfinished movie. I just finished watching Edible Castles 1-9. Never seen them b4. I looked at some of the front page movies also...Ugh the art forums are getting really slow. Nobody is ever on the art forum now that thay have lives! Screw them all along with their lives. Me and my bitchy GF just broke up. I am actually kinda pissed. I have to start drawing again :3 I just cant get the time to. Cant wait til school starts. I will be able to not pay attention to teachers and doodle! Damnit my school sucks 8th graders dont even get lockers....I have to bring my backpack to every class, and i dont have a locker to throw my shit in....Im boring you arent I? Im hungry....I have ice cream...and CaRAmeL...and starwbarry toppings.....Holy shit thats food, I do beleive. Maybe I should go eat it....Good plan william...Thats my name

Well this is the end of my record, longest ever, 37th annual newspost.

Plz comment

If you read all that you rock...and yyou have nothing to do


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2008-08-11 03:03:15

Awesome! I like commenting myself


2008-08-11 03:06:10

I thought this was madness.

supery9 responds:

? ok


2008-08-11 03:07:27

I just read it oll...No lockers?Crap.

supery9 responds:

ya it sux balls