This is...

2008-08-11 22:51:00 by supery9

...My 38th post

Helloooo people of newgrounds and other bitches bastards and ballas! This is my thirty-eigth NEWS POST! Its my latest one! 12 more days and ill have fifty. From this day forth, i am going to post a new news post EVERY DAY o_0. How exciting. In a year ill have 365 more news posts which will equal 403 news posts!HOLY SHIT BUCKETS! I am a good artist whom has artist block...Any suggestions? NOW! TELL MEH!
Well, i geuss you newgrounders and other bitches, bastards and ballas dont have an artist block remedy...Fuk this...Today i am going to break my record for longest post, which was broken yesterday.
I am bored JSYK. If you have read this far you win A! Pat on the back!!! Good mother fucking job bitch...
Sorry for my inexcusable language...
Plz 4give meh? Ill give you this emoticon! :3 maybe this one to ;'(......Forgive me! Thx. Well now my hands r hurting from typing...Plz help me? Thx. Today i was supposed to clean my room but i decided against it and sat on my ass all day. I have disobeyed my adult figures whom gave me my first breath, and lent me 20$ to go buy stuff yesterday...20 lashes! My window is open and i beleive i can hear crickets. Can YOU hear the crickets??? Didn't think so.


Plz comment

And forgive me

And buy me canDY

And a puppy so i can feed it to my dog

But first a kitty so i can enlarge the puppy im feeding ot my dog



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2008-08-12 01:48:25

O_o theres no way that youll make a new news post everyday lol

i listen to music to make those writes blocks go away

supery9 responds:

I am goijng to for as long as i can!

And ok ill tryyyyy