This is...

2008-08-12 16:40:02 by supery9

My 39th post

I am posting a new topic every day for as long as possible. This is the 3rd one in a row. Ugh i need to go buy school clothes and supplies schools in 10 days! I cant wait im so bored...I wanna see my friends and not be BoReD every DAY!! Homework sux but the teachers always like me, even the im the annoying class clown goofball of the century. Im always in trouble but the teachers like me idk y you tell me...

Well tonight or tommorrow im getting a new bike! Cant wait then i wont have to sit on NG all day :D
I had a crappy bike but my handlebars fell off 2 miles away from home :(|

Well i gtg on a run, getting pumped for XC so i will c u all l8tr


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2008-08-12 16:40:24

Holy nutsack I wrote penis!


2008-08-12 16:44:16

Plz do tell me moar! Youre very interesting to listen to!

supery9 responds:



2008-08-12 18:09:19

yay bikes! i have a bike that goes vroom :3 BEEP BEEP NEWM and please re-join ssc3 :3 we need more parts

supery9 responds:

The stick showown collab 3?

I will maybe if my pops lets me get my tblet soon