This is..

2008-08-13 17:21:46 by supery9

My 40th post!

Oooooh today i woke up at 3:00 PM and felt like shit cuz i was up watching movies/T.V. til 4-5 in the morning..Ugh my head is hurting like a bitch... I have these 3 gift cards to bestbuy with 10$ on each, and i dont know what to buy, which is under 33.00 dollors. I was gunna run up there today, idk why i dont, prolly cuz im so fricken tired, maybe tomorrow...Well i still havent gotten my new bike, and now i dont have a way to get home from school, other than walking my friggin ass off...ugh the 18 is the first day of cross country, i cant wait, but i also dont want to go...Man I havent fallen asleep before 2:00 am for the past month or so....Every single day i wake up at 11 o clock or l8tr...

Well that is all for now, folkzzz

Have a great day...i know i wont...


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