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Bcuz im back..

2009-06-17 01:11:54 by supery9

BACK AGAIN so lets all be friends


2009-02-24 22:09:27 by supery9

go on there, it pwns, if you go on, go to the post in the art forum, tell us to invite you


Art softawre?

2009-02-20 00:34:38 by supery9

does anyone know a good, like, drawing porgram, other than gimp or flash..?
or blender or M paint :D

Im back!

2009-02-18 02:17:45 by supery9

I havent been on since like september

And woot, im back, time to do some forum shit brotherss!


This is..

2008-08-14 15:46:17 by supery9

My 42nd news post!

Well i feel like shit and i wanna puke right now...Im supposed to mow the lawn but i decided screw it.
My friend is coming back from Montana, hes been gone all summer, so im always bored...School starts in 9 days, and cross country in 6, i might go on a run l8tr but idk. Well im trying to havve Lucid dreams but its harder than i thought...Im not doing it right maybe idk,

Well im starting to draw again, any requests?


2008-08-14 00:32:12 by supery9

here is a sonic i drew off the top of my head..never drawn sonic b4, and i had no reference


This is..

2008-08-13 17:21:46 by supery9

My 40th post!

Oooooh today i woke up at 3:00 PM and felt like shit cuz i was up watching movies/T.V. til 4-5 in the morning..Ugh my head is hurting like a bitch... I have these 3 gift cards to bestbuy with 10$ on each, and i dont know what to buy, which is under 33.00 dollors. I was gunna run up there today, idk why i dont, prolly cuz im so fricken tired, maybe tomorrow...Well i still havent gotten my new bike, and now i dont have a way to get home from school, other than walking my friggin ass off...ugh the 18 is the first day of cross country, i cant wait, but i also dont want to go...Man I havent fallen asleep before 2:00 am for the past month or so....Every single day i wake up at 11 o clock or l8tr...

Well that is all for now, folkzzz

Have a great day...i know i wont...

This is...

2008-08-12 16:40:02 by supery9

My 39th post

I am posting a new topic every day for as long as possible. This is the 3rd one in a row. Ugh i need to go buy school clothes and supplies schools in 10 days! I cant wait im so bored...I wanna see my friends and not be BoReD every DAY!! Homework sux but the teachers always like me, even the im the annoying class clown goofball of the century. Im always in trouble but the teachers like me idk y you tell me...

Well tonight or tommorrow im getting a new bike! Cant wait then i wont have to sit on NG all day :D
I had a crappy bike but my handlebars fell off 2 miles away from home :(|

Well i gtg on a run, getting pumped for XC so i will c u all l8tr

This is...

2008-08-11 22:51:00 by supery9

...My 38th post

Helloooo people of newgrounds and other bitches bastards and ballas! This is my thirty-eigth NEWS POST! Its my latest one! 12 more days and ill have fifty. From this day forth, i am going to post a new news post EVERY DAY o_0. How exciting. In a year ill have 365 more news posts which will equal 403 news posts!HOLY SHIT BUCKETS! I am a good artist whom has artist block...Any suggestions? NOW! TELL MEH!
Well, i geuss you newgrounders and other bitches, bastards and ballas dont have an artist block remedy...Fuk this...Today i am going to break my record for longest post, which was broken yesterday.
I am bored JSYK. If you have read this far you win A! Pat on the back!!! Good mother fucking job bitch...
Sorry for my inexcusable language...
Plz 4give meh? Ill give you this emoticon! :3 maybe this one to ;'(......Forgive me! Thx. Well now my hands r hurting from typing...Plz help me? Thx. Today i was supposed to clean my room but i decided against it and sat on my ass all day. I have disobeyed my adult figures whom gave me my first breath, and lent me 20$ to go buy stuff yesterday...20 lashes! My window is open and i beleive i can hear crickets. Can YOU hear the crickets??? Didn't think so.


Plz comment

And forgive me

And buy me canDY

And a puppy so i can feed it to my dog

But first a kitty so i can enlarge the puppy im feeding ot my dog


This is...

2008-08-11 03:02:57 by supery9

...My 37th news post..I think

Well, i have finnaly gotten a video onto NG without being blammed! a glorious day for JunkYardFlash Productions! Btw the movie wasnt even finished and it got a 1.73/5.00 score. I am even amazed at how high it got for an unfinished movie. I just finished watching Edible Castles 1-9. Never seen them b4. I looked at some of the front page movies also...Ugh the art forums are getting really slow. Nobody is ever on the art forum now that thay have lives! Screw them all along with their lives. Me and my bitchy GF just broke up. I am actually kinda pissed. I have to start drawing again :3 I just cant get the time to. Cant wait til school starts. I will be able to not pay attention to teachers and doodle! Damnit my school sucks 8th graders dont even get lockers....I have to bring my backpack to every class, and i dont have a locker to throw my shit in....Im boring you arent I? Im hungry....I have ice cream...and CaRAmeL...and starwbarry toppings.....Holy shit thats food, I do beleive. Maybe I should go eat it....Good plan william...Thats my name

Well this is the end of my record, longest ever, 37th annual newspost.

Plz comment

If you read all that you rock...and yyou have nothing to do